Life of an ordinary person

“Ordinary!! Hmmm!!”, I gasped.

“Am I considered as an ordinary person. I struggled my entire life to remain extra-ordinary by not accepting to anything that did not catch people’s eye. I wore the best accessories that men can wear, I wore the best branded dresses I could afford, I chose my friends with great care and none lesser than celebrity and I lived in best house in the town. I acquired enough money to spend on anything that my family wanted me to. I was in who’s who list of this town. Now at the fag end of my life you call me an ordinary person?”, I roared out of anger.

I could not see any dramatic reaction from the librarian and he murmured something which I could not hear. Not hearing is not uncommon now a days for me as I have been hard of hearing since past decade. I try to decipher from the gestures and respond most of the times. Many a times people find me rude and sometimes they find me extra kind as well. I don’t deserve any of these. I just guess and respond. Sometimes it goes right and other times it bounces back.

It is 82 years of life, India has come a long way from where it was when I was young. It is now called Bharat and people speak less English now a days. I never expected to see such a day in my life. I struggled my entire growing up years to learn how to unlearn my vernacular and learn English and now I am spending my ending years to remember what is something called in local language.

Brands, big international names, movies stars and cricketers were the ones my India has worshiped for many years but now it not the case any longer. Earlier we used to treat school teachers as people who never got any job hence got stuck here but now they are the most revered ones. They are the biggest celebrity. Cant believe I would see this in my life.

I expected progress but what I see is backwardness. Most of the schools are now boarding schools and they teach ancient scripts. They teach science as well but its different than the way we were taught. I remember what I was young I heard India launching 104 missiles in one go and everybody went super excited about it. Now I hear kids projects include cleaning up space to collect dead satellites hanging around in our orbit and destroy them. I thought there will be robots everywhere on streets when I will grow old but never knew that the concept of robots will be replaced by powerful human minds. People sitting under and meditating to get the things done with their unlocked super brain is amusing but does not match my class.

But moreover the cause of irritation is I who was a technical guru in my times is considered ordinary. I went to the city library this morning and advised them why did they stop their online library. The librarian said, “We are considered to be classy library and we don’t  entertain the online library which is of so ordinary taste”.

When I insisted she indicated as if I am an ordinary person.

I cant understand where people get so much of time now days to walk to a library to read books. These people have become useless.

“What happened Dadu?”, Vikram met me on the roadside and asked.

Vikram is my granddaughter’s classmate. These kids are asked to beg from the community for their one time meal of the day from their boarding school. They come to each house and beg for food grains and other raw materials for food and then they go back and cook food for themselves and teachers and eat. Can you imagine how low we have gone as a society?

I shared my frustration with Vikram.

“Dadu, society is now believing is earning. Everybody has to earn what they want to avail. You have to walk up to a library to read a book. You earned the right to read a book by making an attempt to walk all the way. This shows your sincere desire to read a book. Not like older days where people used to download hundreds of books and never read one because they never used to earn it.

We are school students earn our food by begging from our own which teaches us how important food is. Entire community gives us raw materials for food because they knew we will work for them when we grow up. Do you see kids now spending time on unnecessary electronic equipment? All because we know what is the value of everything.”, Viram shared.

He left as he has to collect food grains and others raw materials from 3 house at least before it is 11:00 AM.

This is what called advanced Bharat. Huh!!


-Stray Dog



Crossing the hurdles

The auto driver dropped Shrikant just at the other side of the road so that he can cross the road to reach office. Today is the first day for Shrikant at this new office, and Bangalore is a new city for him. Coming from a small town, where traffic meant you can see 20 vehicles at a time on the street going in the same direction. Bangalore exposed him to a new flavor of traffic. If he had chosen to be dropped at the office gate, he would have to travel for another 15 minutes via auto as the autorickshaw would have to take a U-turn. He was already late for the first day as he did not anticipate the traffic hence he chose to cross the road.

He attempted to cross the road, and he could see thousands of vehicles lined up, and all are trying to rush as they find some gap. He tried moving forward a couple of times but had to retract as he found himself trapped in a dangerous situation. It’s life which is at stake. He was stuck for 5 minutes despite several attempts. He was now frustrated and did not know what to do. He even thought of walking all the way to a signal which was one kilometer away and then crossing the road, but that would have taken him 20 more minutes. Thought of taking an autorickshaw to just drop at other side of the road but no autorickshaw driver would agree for such a short trip.

Suddenly he found one guy came from nowhere held his right arm and dragged him along with him helped cross the road. Before he could understand what’s going on, he was on the other end of the road. He was dumbfounded by this strangers action. Before he could ask a question, thank the person or say anything this individual had already crossed the road back to where they had started from.

In next couple of occasions where he had to cross the road, he waited for enough people to gather so that a small crowd can cross the road together which would make the entire traffic to stop.

As he was gradually getting familiar with the traffic and the road crossing phycology, he could attempt and succeed in crossing the road himself without the help of the crowd or stranger, but it remained a struggle for him every time.

After 3 months he met the same guy standing sipping tea near a tea stall. He was happy to find him as he can say ‘Thank you’ for the help that he provided on the first day.

He introduced himself and expressed his gratitude. Stranger acknowledged in return and asked him a question.

“So in these many days what did you learn?”

Shrikant had never thought that he was part of any learning exercise here. He was not sure how to answer that question.

Stranger responded, “Crossing road full of traffic teaches you an important lesson. Just imagine that this road is the barrier between your current state and your dream life situation. Until you cross this street, you can not reach your goal. What would you do?

We mostly wait for a crowd to form who are also willing to cross the path. This makes us feel safe and secure. Else we try attempting to cross the barrier but hurdles on our way push us back.

If we wait for the crowd to gather so that we can cross the hurdles, then the success you get would be mediocre. You will be one among them.

If you pull back several times facing the hurdles, then you will get disappointed and give up.”

Shrikant was listening to him, but all these made no sense. He said, “What do you want me to do? Just jump into the traffic and die or be on the other side of the road if my luck is good. And let me tell you my luck has never given me anything till date so if you want me to suicide I can’t”.

Stranger laughed loudly at Shrikant’s reaction. He asked, “When you cross the road, what you focus on?”

Shrikant immediately responded, “I focus on the vehicle that is rushing towards me if it slows down I proceed but if it increases speed or maintains the same speed then run back.”

Stranger responded, “So this is the problem. We look at situations and problems and try to see the best possible situation where the problems are lesser, and we are still motivated to achieve the dream that we want to realize then we make our move, but you never know next problem might push us back or get us stuck in the middle of the road.

I would suggest let’s try to cross the road but focus not only at the vehicle but also at the driver.”, he pulled Shrikant to cross the road.

They both crossed the road finding the right time when the driver of the vehicle made an eye contact or gave us go ahead. It was much easier and relaxing experience.

After crossing the road, the stranger said, “Similarly look at the driver of your life problems and attend them or face them. Once you take care of the drivers, the problems will no longer bother you.”. He quickly crossed the road again and went to the other side.

It left Shrikant in a thoughtful mood.


– Stray Dog



What’s new this year?

New year wishes are flooding our mailbox and apps, and we respond as we can. I feel it is mostly seen as a duty to share happy new year message hence many believe in mass communication than one to one communication. This new world is accepting mass communication through an electronic medium as a new norm.

Stray Dog finds it uncomfortable to share a wish for happiness, prosperity, and success without thinking of a single individual but to send it to a group.

Hence to make Stay Dog comfortable I wrote poetry in Odia language that states my feeling about what’s new in this new year.

If you don’t understand odia, here is my attempt to translate into English.

New Year 2017

When I woke up in the morning, I found 16 is no longer there!

I am not lying my friend it is seventeen everywhere.


It said, in this new year, Anger, sorrow, and discomfort will remain the same

Love, hope, and happiness will continue to stay as a dream.


(Surprisingly) Then I asked what’s the use of new year

If everything will remain as it is, Dear!


It said to me, oh crazy dear! Time flows ever silent

It’s we humans who add new spirit to it


Sorrow stays the same as well as the happiness

our job is to add excitement and newness


17 brought you a new spectacle to see the same with a new twist

We must look at the old with new enthusiasm and spirit


Let’s laugh more even if people think us insane

Let’s wear smile at very occasion

Let’s dance with joy even if we find no reason

Let’s spread the happiness and infect others with passion


Let’s do the same old with new joy and focus

Let’s capture this world with passion even if the world goes hocuspocus.


Happy New year!!!


Happy Diwali

‘Let me clean up’, This is what I told to myself when I found myself alone at home on a long Diwali weekend. During Diwali thought of cleaning up comes to mind first because as per religious beliefs of some parts of India, goddess of wealth and prosperity Lakshmi comes home during Diwali time. She is also representation of light. This means thousands years ago when the celebration of Diwali came to mind they knew that prosperity and wealth is associated with light and cleanliness. Considering the deep philosophical understanding of Indian sages I am sure they did not mean just the exterior cleanliness and light.

In current world what does cleanliness mean? Not just house, clothes and exteriors but also emails, task list and hard drives. So I quickly cleaned house, put the clothes in washing machine, cleaned the dishes left from last nights dinner and the started my computer.

iCloud: I created this account when I was having an apple phone but never actively used it so cleaning up was easy. Just selected all and deleted.
Hotmail: Not sure when and how I created this account because I moved from Yahoo to gmail long back and cant find reference of hotmail in my memory hence it was easy to clean up. Select all and delete.

Gmail: It was an ocean of emails. I did not want to select all and delete because that’s my actively used personal email address. There are high chances of deleting important emails when I might not have read or flagged as important.

So I started reading or at least giving a quick glance at each email before deleting.

Every email seemed so informative, helpful and if I go through them thoroughly I can gain great knowledge which will definitely help me in professional and personal life. I kept reading and deleting when satisfied with it’s use. 3 days passed by I still see 4000 odd emails lying there unread. I hoped that after 3 days of reading so many great articles I must feel myself happy, liberated and enlightened but it was not. I am feeling confused, tired and frustrated.

I took a step back to understand the reason of this contradicting reaction. Upon thinking I got the answer as information-overfeed.

When I need some information, I will seek for that through various sources. When I seek for knowledge I create a vacuum in my mind or empty space in my mind which I wish to fulfill by the knowledge I am seeking. When I find the information, I study it well to understand hence I give respect to the knowledge gained. This knowledge is preserved in my mind forever.

But this overfeeding of knowledge via emails despite my sincere attempts did not help me gain any knowledge.

The best way to understand when you are doing something which you are not enjoying is when you find yourself tired at the end. Our body and mind have enormous capacity so there is nothing called as limit. But the primary factor behind feeling tired or energetic is how attached or interested you are with the subject or action.

Coming back to emails I saw there are different newsletters, blogs from different sites are the ones which are overfeeding my poor brain. The information provided are useful but I do not need them right now. But may need for sustaining. Sustaining life at the state it is right now is a big task. It is a huge task if I want to see myself living the same life with equal amount of health, wealth, spirit and friends. It is a huge task because everything will wither with time so I have to keep on feeding it the right amount of substance so that it retains. Which means I have to prepare myself for tomorrow so that I can survive the same life tomorrow. Hence I may need to feed myself with the information that I may need tomorrow. Which means I have to overfeed myself which I was doing just few hours back.

Hmm.. Something just went wrong somewhere otherwise I would not have reached the same spot I wanted to come out of.

Sustaining?? Really! Do I have any control over tomorrow. I have seen incidences in recent past where life took turns and overturns in seconds for which I was a mere spectator. So with so much of efforts if i am going to end up being a mere spectator of life then why waste time. What is important is today. Now.

Great!! Selected all email, and deleted them as if I never received them.

Woo Hoo!!! Clean mailbox and clean mind.

Hey what about tasks that are pending. But where are they? All in mind? ahh. Thats a big clutter.

Created a task list started writing down everything that I wished to accomplish today, tomorrow and sometime later. It started with a blank list for few hours then it all started pouring in. As if a big rock was holding the flow inside my brain. May be that rock is named as ‘Later’. After few hours I found myself a good list of tasks to be completed.

Life is full of excitements and great joy.I see myself happy, feel myself free and developed greater awareness about what I want. I see life much brighter, mind much cleaner and happiness all around.

Hmm.. Brighter!! Clean!!! Happiness!! May be goddess Lakshmi came in.. isn’t it what I expected when I started cleaning.

Wow!! Great! Thanks to those who made it till this point. Happy Diwali.


Invisible Tears

This year has been a year of separation for stray dog. Stray Dog hardly ever cared about attachments hence never bothered about separation but consecutive separations are making stray dog emotional. Separating from great friends is the toughest part of life.

Yes talking about physical separation only. People, places and relationships remain in our emotional bank irrespective of whether you call yourself stray or pet.

Tears flow when the emotional bank is robbed, only difference is for some its visible and for others it is only visible to self.

Every great opportunity comes with a great loss. At times we don’t see or realize the opportunity during loss, similarly we don’t realize the loss while accepting opportunity.

We assume every opportunity is the way forward and every loss as way backward but, if we look holistically you will see ultimately you are at the same point where you were. Change around you is just illusion that makes you either happy or sad.

But emotional bank doesn’t understand all these philosophy. It is there to only lose. It falls in love, it falls in separation, it falls in sorrow and the entire emotional world reverberates around fall but the bank gets richer with every fall. The only positive transaction happens in emotional bank when you get materialistic. But you must realize that in emotional bank, positive is true negative.

With invisible tears, fake smiles and illusions of loud actions stray dog is celebrating today a new fall in the season of separation.


Stray Dog

Open Position – Chief Positivity Officer

We are the largest Multinational company on this universe. We have expertise in consultancy, manufacturing, software, financial management, art, nation building, pharmacy, healthcare, banking, teaching, rather it would be easy to say in anything and everything that a human can do or need.

Since past few millenniums we found lots of time and energy wasted due to abrasion, friction and corrosion.

We are in search of an individual who can remove obstacles on our path and lubricate the functioning. After several years and lots of money we realized that smooth functioning of any machine requires lubrication and smooth functioning of any human requires positivity.

Positivity that is based on truth not hype or illusion.

Positivity which is easy to believe and remains throughout.

Positivity that has no selfish motive as driver.


If you feel you are the one, please apply here.



Human Race



Stray Dog

Daily Prompt: Together

It is not difficult to get together but it is extremely difficult to stay together. Look back at all your relationships whether family, society or friends, we always love to stay together but fail to do so most of the times.

Surendra always took things as they came and never kept any baggage. For him life was easy as he was confident every time he is stuck, if he consciously finds there s a way. He had many acquaintances but no friends as such, he had many to criticize but no enemies. It was easy for him to get along with any group and he hardly felt any pain while parting. He was mostly excited about what is coming, and if what is coming is not exciting then he tried to make it exciting.  He was happiest person on this world as per his friends and colleagues.

Life started taking turns when he got married and had a family of his own. Things changed because yesterday mattered, what you said the other day, how you behaved when certain things happened and comparing behaviors in different situations brought past to present situation every now and then. These made him feel uncomfortable and felt as if he does not belong to this world anymore. He could never understand why should yesterday affect my today.This caused him lose his cool and calm demeanor. He became impatient, irritating and  at times unreasonable.

His pain within was seen mostly as a newly developed bad attitude. He was misunderstood more than understood by any. He felt lonely and out of the place.

People started saying this man changed completely after marriage and more than him his wife was blamed for the drastic change in behavior of Surendra.

Surendra’s parents came to stay with him for sometime while his in-laws were lined up next. Already disturbed relationships were going through tremendous pressure due to additional unclear and unsaid exceptions from the seniors in the family. One morning when Surendra woke up he found his mother and wife were having a very bad argument which was demeaning each others position in Surendra’s eye. Without telling anybody Surendra left home and wanted to get lost in this world. He walked from him home without telling anybody. he did not carry his purse or mobile phone. He kept walking from his home towards unknown land.

He crossed the city, some villages and started feeling hungry. He was tired as well. He sat down under a banyan tree on the highway he was walking. Looking at the milestone on the road he realized that he had walked quite a bit. It was mostly afternoon at this time. he even didn’t wear his watch.

More than hungry he was thirsty. When he looked around he found a farmer busy working on his farm. he went up to him and asked for drinking water. Farmer was a very social person so he not only gave water but offered some food that he had got from home. Both sat under the tree and chatted. Surendra had no proper answer for Farmer’s questions like ‘where are you going?’ etc and this made farmer suspect something wrong. He suggested Surendra to spend tonight in their village and go next day. Suendra who worked always in Air conditions chambers and  never stayed hungry for that long every was very tired. He agreed to farmer’s request and went to their village.

He had never been to a village himself. He was surprised to see the beauty and cleanliness maintained in the village. Farmer took him to the temple of the village where there is a guest house. Surendra was introduced to the priest and was given a simple room to spend his night. After some chit chat, surendra opened up in front of the priest his story and his intention. Priest listened to him carefully but did not give any suggestion or advice. Post dinner Surendra went inside the room and slept.

Chirping of birds, temple bell and loud recitation of devotional poetries woke Surendra up. he composed himself and wanted to go out to see the beauty of the village. He found that the door of the room was locked from outside. He looked through the window to find somebody who can help open the door. He found a small boy and asked him but did not find any response. He kept trying but nobody seemed to pay attention to his request. He found the priest walking by, he asked him to open the door angrily but no response. He was now scared. He is trapped. He was not sure what these people will do. He started imagining and he could imagine only scary consequences.

After few hours somebody slipped a plate of breakfast under the door.He was relieved to know that he will not die hungry. Same continued for lunch and dinner. he attempted to request, threat, plead people outside to open the door, he even tried to break the door but all his efforts went in vein. gradually he learned to stay quietly. Days passed by and then after 45 days priest came and opened the door for him. He has been thinking that he will kill the priest when out but somehow he did not react at all.

“What do you want to do now”, Priest asked. he said, “I want to go home. My wife and parents must have gone mad by now.”.

Priest gave him some money to get back home. He asked the priest, “Why did you lock me up in that room for these many days?”.

“Tell me what is your thought about your family and your life situation now?”, Priest asked in turn.

“I feel blessed to have a family. I am ready to accept all that bothered me so much and I need nothing except my family.” He responded with tears in his eyes.

“Hope this helps you understand the reason I locked you up”, Priest said smiling.

Togetherness is a skill which has to be taught to every human being. We are happy alone among our own people but we can not be happy alone while lonely. We are happy to find our space in crowd where variety of emotions come across us and pass through but we will go crazy if we just have our space and nothing around us. We are answerable for the past, we are answerable to think about future but we must learn to live in present time among all these. We cant escape togetherness.


Stray Dog



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