Invisible Tears

This year has been a year of separation for stray dog. Stray Dog hardly ever cared about attachments hence never bothered about separation but consecutive separations are making stray dog emotional. Separating from great friends is the toughest part of life. Yes talking about physical separation only. People, places and relationships remain in our emotional…Read more Invisible Tears

Open Position – Chief Positivity Officer

We are the largest Multinational company on this universe. We have expertise in consultancy, manufacturing, software, financial management, art, nation building, pharmacy, healthcare, banking, teaching, rather it would be easy to say in anything and everything that a human can do or need. Since past few millenniums we found lots of time and energy wasted…Read more Open Position – Chief Positivity Officer

Daily Prompt: Together

It is not difficult to get together but it is extremely difficult to stay together. Look back at all your relationships whether family, society or friends, we always love to stay together but fail to do so most of the times. Surendra always took things as they came and never kept any baggage. For him…Read more Daily Prompt: Together

Parting Song : Goodbye my Friend

No Music, No Orchestra, No singer around but I can hear the music, orchestra and a beautiful song. Song so loud that, it woke me up at 4:00 AM despite body yet to recover from a long tiring previous day. I woke up to listen to the song carefully and feel the music. Upon attention,…Read more Parting Song : Goodbye my Friend

Happy Outside

Evening 7:30, while most of the city is heading home, bunch of passionate engineers brainstorming in a closed room about new issue that was reported by one premium client and trying their best to find resolution to it.At times discussing an issue to find resolution unknowingly takes its turns towards blaming each other or discussing…Read more Happy Outside

Inter-state Transfer of Vehicle – Getting a N.O.C

Interesting and very useful post for people like stray dogs.

The Transient's Diary

Those who still believe in ONE India – have probably never traveled between states.

Moving states is a tedious task especially if you have commodities that are state specific like vehicle registration, gas connection, mobile phone number (mobile number portability still not valid between states) etc. You have to register, de-register and re-register. Seems wasteful if you plan to move back after few years, and gets worse if you move to yet another state. While we loathe the fact that India still behaves like a country of countries, the legislature might just be considering the creation of yet another state!!

And if you are reading this, you too, are a victim.

Enough rants. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


 If you have a vehicle registered in one state and planning to move to another (with your vehicle), here are the things you need to…

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Vande Mataram (Salute to the Mother)

"Thank you for understanding the pain of a working mother", One woman employee told to her manager when her manager carefully listened the struggle that she goes through everyday managing her two kids and then cutting across the traffic of the city and showing the professional world a face that she is fine. She couldn't get a…Read more Vande Mataram (Salute to the Mother)